Display Ads Built for the 21st Century

 Impacting takes all the guesswork out of display ads by building our own network of highly effective curated sites and apps that speak to your ideal customers. Our highly advanced algorithms study online behavior, interests and other traits to better understand your diverse audience and what resonates with them the most.

What Makes Our Display Ads Special?

Impacting has spent enormous amounts of time and resources creating our own proprietary display advertising network for diverse audiences. Combined with our data intelligence, we are able to laser-focus on your exact demographics and deliver the ideal advertising on the ideal sites/apps at the ideal time.

  • We’ve Created a Proprietary Network w/ 1,000’s of Ideal Sites & Apps
  • Our Algorithms Study Diverse Audiences to Learn Online Behaviors
  • We Match the Perfect Content w/ the Perfect Platforms for Awesome ROI’s

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