Harness The Insight & Agility to Thrive

Inclusion IQ is an innovative new marketing platform that’s empowered by the nation’s most complete consumer database. It allows you to gain instant visibility of nationwide consumers that meet any of your diversity criteria, segment them until your heart’s content and upload your marketing material to launch a campaign...all within minutes.

What Can I Expect Using Inclusion IQ?

Traditionally, building out an inclusive campaign takes time- you order lists, segment them down, see if there’s any additional insights, then order a different list...it’s a very frustrating process. Inclusion IQ gives you instant access to the nation’s largest consumer database to dig deeper and find out what really matters. Campaigns can be launched directly within the app as well to save you even more time and effort.

  • Dig Deep on Any Segment & Instantly Know How Large the Market Is
  • Unlock Additional Insights to Make Campaigns Even More Effective
  • Quickly Launch Campaigns Directly from the Inclusion IQ Dashboard

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