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    Inclusive Marketing to Reach Diverse Audiences
    100% Minority-Owned Business

Diverse Mobile

Find diverse sets of mobile users in real time & deliver the ideal messaging.

Inclusion IQ

Expand your intelligence to identify diversity groups across 1,000’s of categories.

Diversity Express

Find, segment, and market to any diversity group within mere minutes.

Digital Services

Wide list of digital marketing services and technologies for multi channel marketing.

Connect with a Diverse Client-Base

Impacting was founded to educate corporate America on diversity related topics and promote inclusive practices in business. They’ve teamed up with several of the nation’s leading data technology and marketing experts to empower the corporate world in creating more inclusive digital footprints.

Your customers come from all walks of life- so should your marketing. Use our revolutionary new diversity platforms to become an inclusive brand that proudly celebrates all your customers.

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Diversity Marketing Services

Need help creating dynamic inclusion campaigns that actually make a difference? Our diversity marketing experts have a deep understanding of your client base, what really matters to them on social/cultural levels and how to make deep, meaningful connections. Click on any of the services below to learn more.