Three Unique Technology Platforms w/ Over 350 Million Consumer Profiles

Billions of Diverse Insights Just Waiting to be Discovered

You need your marketing to be as diverse as your client base- but how do you get that messaging in front of the right consumers?

At Impacting , we’ve created three of the nation’s most powerful diversity marketing platforms to identify, analyze, and directly market to your entire client base- regardless of how diverse. Our technology allows you to find all the insights that really matter and ultimately make your marketing inclusive of everyone.

Diversity Express

Use the nation’s largest, most robust consumer database to identify, segment and market to diverse customers in mere minutes.

Inclusion IQ

Learn more about your customers and what unique traits they have in common to create much more impactful marketing campaigns.

Diverse Mobile

Instantly find and market to highly diverse customer segments searching for your keywords on over two billion mobile devices.

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Impacting was founded to educate corporate America on diversity related topics and promote inclusive practices in business. They’ve teamed up with several of the nation’s leading data technology and marketing experts to empower the corporate world in creating more inclusive digital footprints.