What Are People Saying About Your Brand?

Every business has a few critics and it’s perfectly normal for an occasional customer to have a bad experience. What really matters is how your brand responds to that complaint in an attempt to make things right.

Impacting takes a proactive approach by monitoring your online reputation 24/7 and taking immediate action whenever an unfavorable comment, press release, review or news story surfaces. In fact, we are the only digital firm nationwide that guarantees to remove negative content- regardless of where it’s posted online.

What Makes Our Reputation Management Services Stand Out?

Impacting utilizes a number of proprietary tools and technologies to help your brand quickly recover from any sort of bad PR or negative reviews. Our team sets up blog, press release review campaigns while working with publishers to remove any negative, unfair or damaging content. With continuous monitoring from our reputation experts, we’ll ensure that you stand out online as an honest, reputable company.

  • 24/7 Real-Time
  • Guaranteed Removal
  • Builds Consumer
  • Monitoring Across the Entire Web
  • Removal of Negative PR from Any Website
  • Trust by Driving Positive Reviews

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