Built on Leading Diversity Research in Business

Empowered by Better Data & Marketing Superstars

Being inclusive in your marketing is no longer an option in the 21st century. To be successful in such a diverse customer-base, it takes a team that lives and breathes diversity.

How can Impacting help? Their team of marketing experts are as diverse as your clients with the know-how to connect on a much deeper, impactful level. With dozens of corporate clients and thousands of success stories, we’d love to empower your next marketing campaign for a highly diverse audience.

Display Advertising

Impacting created a massive inclusion network of websites, apps and device IDs to reach any diverse consumer type.

PPC & Social Media

Better data allows us to help you connect on much deeper levels with diverse users across PPC, social & other ad networks.

Search Optimization

Want to make your website more appealing to a much wider audience AND rank higher in the process? Just ask us how!

Rep Management

How do different diversity groups view you around the web? Let us manage your reputation and remove harmful content.

Email Marketing

With the nation’s largest database, nobody matches our ability to segment email lists and deliver the perfect messaging.

Influencer Marketing

We negotiate social media influencer and video content creator collaborations and their agreements.

Questions? Speak with a Diversity Expert Today!

Impacting was founded  to educate corporate America on diversity related topics and promote inclusive practices in business. They’ve teamed up with several of the nation’s leading data technology and marketing experts to empower the corporate world in creating more inclusive digital footprints.