Influencer Marketing Campaigns 

We define core goals and customize a strategy to achieve one or more of the following deliverables: expand reach, establish trust, drive site traffic, boost sales, build an audience, sparks engagement, sway opinions, or increase brand awareness by leveraging the influencer's audience to expand the brand's target demographic.

Influencer Contract Negotiations?

We negotiate social media influencer and video content creator collaborations and their agreements. We manage influencer payments, influencer gifting, and product seeding.

Influencer Management?

Our database of diverse influencers and video content creators grows continuously with both global and US-based creators. We connect brands to the right influencers whose messaging fits specific industries or categories to ensure a seamless introduction of brand partners to their audience, allowing the most authentic partnerships.

Influencer Performance Management?

Communicating with content creators is a must to ensure proper deliverables. We maintain the quality of influencer campaigns. Our team works closely with social media influencers to ensure expectations. We manage all aspects of content - creation, graphic quality and scheduling.

Campaign Analytical Reporting

Key metrics are equally as important to measure as the campaign. Our team tracks, measures, analyzes and provides full reporting on performance metrics at the end of the campaign.

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